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Digital Signature

A Digital Signature Certificate or DSC as this is commonly known in India is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software, or digital document.

A DSC is a mandatorily to be attached in case of e-filing of documents with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Income tax deptt, EPF, ESC returns etc.

DSC is encrypted in a USB token which can be plugged to any system and the relevant document can be digitally signed with the help of that token. 

The digital equivalent of a handwritten signature or stamped seal, but offering far more inherent security, a digital signature is intended to solve the problem of tampering and impersonation in digital communications.

DSC comes with the validity of One year and two years.

We at can provide you DSC in USB token with a two year validity for Rs.2500 Only.

Form for application can be downloaded from our download section.