Company Formation
VAT Registration

VAT or Value Added Tax replaced the Local Sales Tax way back in 2005 through Dvat Act 2004. DVAT registration is required for every business entity indulging into sales of goods either by way of trading, manufacturing. It can be any type of entity - individuals, partnership, Company, or any other forms of businesses established in India. With the introduction of VAT, local statutory forms like ST-1, ST-35 were done away with. Procedure of assessment is a lot simplified as compared to Pre-VAT era. 

In case of Local sales upto Rs.20 Lacs a dealer is not required to obtain VAT registration in Delhi. However in case of an interstate sale outside the state of delhi even of Rs.1 the dealer has to apply for DVAT and CST Registration.

For VAT Registration one has to apply online with the local Sales Tax Department website in the prescribed forms along with prescribed fees & necessary documents. On completion of the certain formalities, a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is granted in the form of certificate of registration in ‘DVAT-06’.

After verification of original documents by VAT Inspector the registration certificate is issued.

We at can certainly help you in completing all the formalities for VAT registration in Delhi. For this we charge a very nominal fees of Rs.6000.